It’s okay to not be okay… it’s not okay to stay that way!

I recently watched a heartbreaking documentary about bulimia on the BBC. It was presented by Freddie Flintoff (former England cricketer and captain panelist on A League of Their Own). Freddie, a self proclaimed man’s man and proud northern bloke, openly talks about his own current relationship with food. His own battle with bulimia. It’s funnyContinue reading “It’s okay to not be okay… it’s not okay to stay that way!”

Eid al-Adha

This Eid is important to me… Ibrahim, known as Abraham in Christian and Jewish traditions, was told by God to prove his faith to him by sacrificing his own son.He obeyed and took his son to Mount Moriah. Just as he was to sacrifice his son, an angel stopped him and replaced his son with aContinue reading “Eid al-Adha”

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